What Big Bang and the Rainforest have in common


Until today only two things really were phenomenal. The creation of Universe and Idea to save the Rainforest.


Just like a miracle 13.7 Billion years ago the Universe was born. And in the Summer of 2018 the Idea to save the Rainforest was also born.


So now, what is the usual walk of life? A company develops a  beverage that should be tasty but cheap in production. Sugar is a very useful flavor carrier. Even apple fizz that is supposed to be healthy contains a lot of sugar, similar to Cola. Many bottlers even declare their product as bio, even if a lot of sugar – or even worse – chemical sweeteners are richly present inside the drink.


The future common life-way was quickly decided. The Drinks will be Goldrausch and App-Oli would be responsible for Sales and Marketing.


Finally the distribution channel has to be as brilliant as the product. Via App and Overnight-Express-Shipment Goldrausch will be offered to and available for everybody.

Our customers are thrilled and they strongly recommend our product. It is also clear that we would like to make our customers participate at the success. For 35 years now, App-Oli is a leading MLM expert. The strategy he worked out is very easy, it can´t get any easier.


Each customer is allowed to engage as many app users as he or she wants to. As an explanation we use the easy number 10. If each customer cares for gaining 10 friends to install the app – which is free of charge – assuring that the chain of new installations is not interrupted, then soon the whole world will be part of it. Because non the less all the trials to get in contact with life out there in the universe, until now it was without success. Maybe Cult-Brause will finally make the aliens show up because we do not know any limit. The app installation will be free of charge and without any obligations.


So what are we doing all this for?

First of all we want to promote our product. If for some reason a person in the chain has the brilliant idea to order some Goldrausch, all persons in the chain before him will receive 2 Eurocent per can. Now all insiders are excited. For all others I will shortly explain:

App-Oli convinces 10 of his friends to install the app:

Oli = Level 1
            10 friends of Oli = Level 2
            Level 2 reaches 10 friends each, so 100 = Level 3
and so on….and so on: 1.000 – 10.000 – 100.000 – 1 million (Level 7) 10 million – 100 million – 1 billion (Level10)


A mathematic phenomena which only starts with 10 people, reaching 10 levels after all. It will be working in width and depth. Anyhow the commissioning for level 1 will finish at level 10. It will be impossible to receive any commission until level 100 or even 1.000. A maximum of 20 Eurocent per can will be paid as marketing budget. For every “own” level (1-10) 2 Eurocent will be received.

Maybe some people now get curious? And they order. I promise: You will not drink anything else in future. Just try!


Then calculate yourself, 1 million times 2 Eurocents?

What are you still waiting for? Others might be faster!
By the way, the app. You surely received a link sent by one of your nice friends which will lead you to these pages. If not just ask for it. (The app will probably go life beginning of April the 15th. 2019, hence right now a link is not available). Everything else in a number of explaining videos….

Looking forward to our cooperation,

Yours, App-Oli & Goldrausch



P.S.: My friend, coffee-godfather-Peter who sells the best Italian coffee, immediately understood the system and he asked me, if there is also a limit in the width? No, if you have 1.000 friends you may of course tell all of them about the app.